Meet Abd Alkader Abd Alwahed (1979). This autodidactic artist knows about every square inch of cloth. At one painting, it looks like you look at a crisp picture. And at the other painting, open your mouth of all the beautiful colors and raw lines he has put on the canvas.

As a boy, Abd already dreamed of becoming an artist. After high school he followed a degree as a librarian, but he did not finish it at the end. His father died, requiring him to work in the curtain shop of his family. Meanwhile, his urge for making art increased. When the war broke out in his native Latakia, he picked up his belongings.
For two and a half years Abd lives in Tilburg. He focuses entirely on his love: art. The artist mainly paint faces. Sometimes hopeful and sometimes pensive faces. With his exhibition, women and love brings an oath to women throughout the world. “Women are colorful flowers. They represent me a symbol of love, strength and peace. ”

A message intended for the whole world. Just like his art.

Photos are coming soon!